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E-mail: mail@CSIwildlife.org 

Who we are

Serendipity Wildlife Foundation is based in California and registered as a non-profit

charity in the United States.  The Foundation presently operates in Sri Lanka and Kenya,

and provides free training to Wildlife Rangers and Guards in crime scene investigation

and recovery of evidence.  In addition, our foundation donates equipment and supplies to

wildlife personnel, education to youth, and work with others that protect wildlife, so

that future generations will see in the wild what we see today.


With the rapid decline of the population of endangered species, our aim is to

contribute as much as we can towards wildlife.  Our Instructors are current or retired

law enforcement officers with years of experience, and volunteer their time to travel

overseas and train others.  Everyone in our foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting our wildlife, making us a 100% volunteer organization.

Are you a business or a company that wants to partner with us or help

us in wildlife conservation?  Do

you posses skills that would enable

us to include you in our work? Contact

us at mail@CSIwildlife.org

What we do

Training of wildlife personnel in crime scene investigation and evidence recovery, and how

to handle wildlife crimes and recover evidence that would support prosecution in court.


Training of personnel in analyzing digital evidence such as cell phones and computers

seized as evidence and using them as leads to apprehend others that are involved.


Training of wildlife personnel in surveillance techniques, personal safety, and search



  • Establishing a fingerprint database dedicated solely for wildlife crimes, which will be

       linked internationally to other satellite stations that we operate in, and sharing

       resources and information with other agencies that are fighting wildlife crime.

       This project has already commenced, and we hope to have our database operational

       by 2020.


  • Establishing a communication system where game guards, rangers, and even selected safari vehicle drivers can enter vital information on irregular animal sightings such as injuries, dangerous incidents, human-wildlife conflicts, and poaching to a ‘live


  • Starting the first Digital Evidence Recovery Workstation in Asia, dedicated solely to wildlife crimes and trafficking.  Personnel in Sri Lanka will be trained to investigate digital devices such as phones, computers, GPS equipment, and media drives recovered from suspects.  The personnel in Sri Lanka will be supported by highly trained investigators from the US.


  • Educating the youth who live bordering human-wildlife conflict areas on co-existing,

       where both humans and wildlife can live together.  Our project in Bundala started in           2018 where classroom sessions were conducted and school children were taken on             safari to Bundala National Park.For most, this was the first time they had ever entered         a National Park.This project continues to date.

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